Monday, 25 April 2011

Stimming report #3... all clear :)

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments yesterday.  Mad Hatter - very interesting comment about the possible 'aroma'... that is something I certainly hadn't thought of!

Anyway, all is fine :)  I asked my Doc about the supposed infection and she gave it as much airtime as it deserved. She conferred with the postgrad who had also been on duty on Sunday (in Chinese) and then said 'Doesn't matter'. I took that as the end of the conversation! I'm still feeling fine in that department, so think it was definitely a mistake on the past of the Doc on Sunday for the reasons we've mentioned.

Update stats:

Estrogen: 1693
L: 1.9 x 2, 1.3 x 2, 1.0
R: 1.85, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5 x 2, 1.2 x 2

Egg collection provisionally scheduled for Friday!  I need to go back in tomorrow for another check-up but was given a shot of HMG (I think...) today. Not sure what that does.. presumably start getting the follicles mature? If all is well tomorrow, I get the HCG trigger shot ready for Friday.

Feeling good about it all... I guess my endo could be thicker but I'm not letting it worry me. My only mini-concern is that Dr F will be out of town this holiday weekend and I won't get my acupuncture sessions in. I've emailed him and will wait and see. I know plenty of people get that BFP without acupuncture, so I'm trying not to worry too much (think that could be my motto)...

Apart from that, I'm enjoying another gorgeous hot day here in Shanghai by spending what's left of my afternoon on our balcony as it becomes a little suntrap in the afternoons and I've definitely heard someone say that Vitamin D is good for eggs ;)


  1. Yay! Great news. Sending this message from a hostel in Taipei!

  2. Yeah!!! I can't believe our cycles are going to be right in sync. We are tentatively looking at a Thursday retrieval for our donor (long story...I posted about it), but should get confirmation one way or the other today. Either way, we can keep cheering each other on...all the way to our BFP's.

  3. @Princess.. I also commented on your post to say the same, but not sure it's on there yet!!

  4. I have to idea what HMG is or does, but your numbers are looking good!

  5. The endo is just perfect! Not sure at all about what the shot you got today does, very interesting though! Keeping everything crossed for you and I'll definitely come by again to see how you are getting on in China!
    Love, Fran

    ICLW #131

  6. Good luck! This is so exciting.

  7. Great that the infection issue is over... you didn't need the worry though :( Happy relaxing and vitamin D-ing heading into your ER... sending you lots of growing vibes from Oz :)) xoxo