Sunday, 10 April 2011

Full of Glee

Not much to report today -  day 8 of downregging and now just waiting for AF to arrive. It's due tomorrow and, so far, the usual pre-AF spotting has been absent. The Dr told me the downregging drugs shouldn't affect my cycle, but I know other women have had to wait longer than usual for their AF to arrive so I guess I'll just wait and see. Strange how I'm now keen for it to arrive so we can get on with this cycle!

Was watching Glee this week (one of my favourite guilty TV pleasures) and identified with a classic Sue Sylvester quote. This is a scene where Sue is planning to fire one of her cheerleaders out of a circus cannon:

Carnie guy: ... you’re looking at a 70 percent chance of catastrophic failure.
Sue: Which is a 30 percent chance of catastrophic success.

The odds seemed oddly familar ;)  and the line made me laugh.

Here's to catastrophic success!


  1. Love that line and FX'd for you that you're in line for catastrophic success :)) xoxo

  2. Great line. Thanks for the laugh. Will be hoping for catastrophic success for you!

  3. Haha, cheers for a catastrophic success!

  4. LOL, love that show and here's hoping for a catastrophic success!