Saturday, 23 April 2011

Stimming report #2... uh, what?!!

Well, my new 'Zen' attitude has been truly tested today. I'm just back from my 2nd stimming checkup and the results are:

Estrogen: 686
L: 1.3 x 2, 1.0, 0.8
R: 1.35, 1.2 x 2, 1.1 x 2 (not sure if there are small ones still to grow)
Endo: 8mm

I had hoped for another couple of follies and a slightly thicker endo this time, but I'm taking solace in Miss Mac's story that these figures could lead to good news down the line. But these numbers aren't the reason for my current deep breaths and need to rant here asap. Beware... TMI coming up..

There was a different Doc on duty today, but I know her and have found her good in the past. Picture the scene.. or perhaps that's not such a good idea in the circumstances....  I'm in the stirrups waiting for the dildocam. Dr J wheels over in her chair, looks at my lady parts and does a visible double-take.. now in some circumstances I might be happy to get that reaction, but this sure as hell wasn't one of them. She goes ahead with the scan and I'm buoyed by her reeling off the sizes of my follies - sounded like there were more.. yey!  Then, as I'm pulling on my underwear she asks if I'm feeling any discomfort in my vagina. Uh, no?!  She calmly states that I might have an infection, but they can't check today because it's Sunday and I should ask my regular Doc on Tuesday. Then she wheels away.

Okaaaay... I get dressed and sit with the Doc. I won't repeat the conversation verbatim because I don't want anyone else to experience the frustration that I did. Basically I asked in about 3 different ways why she thinks I have an infection. She didn't attempt to answer my question and just kept saying to come back on Tuesday and ask my regular Doc to check for infection. This was not terribly helpful.  I then had to wait for my blood test results during which I made a frantic web search on my phone which did not yield much of use. When I got called back in I asked if my cycle would be cancelled if I had an infection.. Doc said 'Maybe, just maybe'. Great!

So what am I thinking/wondering right now?  Random thoughts:

  • How the hell could she think I have an infection just from looking at the outside of my bits?! They feel fine and, following a hand mirror inspection on returning home, seem to look perfectly normal (though I can't actually remember the last time I had a good look at them, so can't be 100% sure).  My only thought here is that she spotted some CM.. it has been increasing over the last couple of days due to my increasing estrogen levels.. sometimes it is a bit cloudy-looking (well, I did warn you TMI!). Could she have mistaken it for a yeast infection?! Surely Chinese girls have CM too?!
  • She can't be that worried if she wants me to wait until Tuesday to go back in. 
  • I'm continuing on exactly the same meds so, again, she can't be that worried. 
  • I'm not feeling anything different down there but have got a few twinges in my belly which I put down to my ovaries expanding and, from what I've read, that is perfectly normal.
  • I'm also trying to reassure myself that it is unlikely any infection, if there is one, is serious or life-threatening. The most likely outcome would be to cancel this cycle and treat the infection. However, my friend here IRL was about to have an FET last week when she was told she had an infection which may or may not be cervical cancer. (Don't even get me started on the heartless way her Doctor gave her this news...). When I spoke to her on Friday she'd been running from hospital to hospital with a translator to get test after test. I don't yet know the outcome of these tests. In all likelihood we're both completely fine and have nothing some antibiotics won't fix, but what are the odds of this happening to us both in the space of a week?!
Sorry the melodrama took over a little bit there. My brain started running down those 'what-if' paths again. I'm reining my imagination back in and trying to work out how to stop obsessing over this for the next 48 hours until I get an answer one way or the other...


  1. Oh my. Reading this my thoughts are totally with you - what the heck was that doctor thinking...Ugh. I hope that at least they do the ultrasounds in a private room for you. I am sure everything will be fine, and it was probably just like you said. Press on. I love your 'hidden camera' picture from your earlier post :) What is it with people and lines here!

  2. Well, we get a curtain in that same room... not too bad! Thanks for your support... I'm sure it will be nothing but the stress that is added by the lack of a few well-chosen words!

  3. What a pain. I would say that if you don't have any symptoms of an infection, and things look normal to you, just wait and see.

    It's tough when dealing with people using their second language (as you know!) as so many of the subtleties are lost. Korean people can be a nightmare as they often don't give a straight answer to things (tho my doc is very clear and direct).

    I hope you don't have an infection, but as you say the worst case scenario would be cancelling the cycle and converting it to FET. As to your friend, I really hope things are OK, and know that doctors make mistakes all the time. I know of someone here who was told he had cancer... he didn't. I was told before that my tubes were completely blocked... they weren't. Get a second opinion.

  4. I know I'm not a doctor here but nothing about that really adds up. My guess is you'll have the other doctor and an 'all clear' next week. We IFers know our bodies!!!
    You have some strong leads with your follie report and are already ahead of me at that time... and things can change quick by the next appointment. Quality over quantity worked for me and it can work for you! Hang in there!!!

  5. oh my gosh are you serious? How frustrating and stressful for you. I hope everything is fine on Tuesday.

  6. good gosh. that is absolutely ridiculous! i'm betting increased CM looked like a yeast infection...and thus it could wait till tuesday but can be easily taken care of then of course if it really exists. but seriously, what was she thinking??

  7. I would feel incredibly frustrated not to get an answer straight away... especially given that she's the one who brought it up in the first place - she should have given you some straight answers !! Is there anyone you can see before Tuesday ? FXd for you xoxo

  8. that is ridiculous!! you have enough stress. Now this. And that doctor really needs to learn some bed side manners. I hope you are not too worried:(
    I am sure it is nothing. I guess as for the levels of estradiol..I believe over 3000 is not good. It should be getting up in the thousands the more you stim.

    THE above website may be helpful.

  9. oh I have to tell you..your trick with the tightening legs and crossing feet really really helped. Yesterday..the vein was not producing any blood and it felt really weird and painful...I used your tips. I was sweating a lot, but no fainting. Thank you so much!!

  10. Ugh. How stressful! I imagine that the issue is either CM, as you guessed, or just that something about the color or shape of your bits as they respond to the higher estrogen isn't exactly what she's used to. Try not to fret.