Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010... it was the best of times, it was the worst of times - Part 3

In the end, the decision to leave work was easy. We were in the lucky (?!) position that my crappy salary made very little difference in the overall scheme of things. And the thought of waiting another 6 months or more to continue down the road to starting the family we so desperately want was too depressing.  I know for a lot of couples, this can be the standard or minimum wait to get an appointment at a clinic or get scheduled for surgery, so I appreciate that, living in China, we're very lucky to be able to get these services, almost on demand. Though we do have to pay for them or fight with the insurance company for them to pay for them.

So I handed in my notice (more or less telling the truth about why...OK, mostly less to the majority of people) and finished work in October. A few more appointments and a lot of emails between me and the insurance company later and I had my lap/hyst in November.  And the results.. all normal!  At last, some good news :)

I'll try to keep it brief from here (you may have noticed that I find that difficult!)...
1 more IUI in December.. BFN :( 
Last planned IUI underway now...

Fingers crossed for this cycle or it's onto IVF for us in Spring and, right now, that sounds OK to me.

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