Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I'm being stalked by pregnant women!

I realise that my last couple of posts have been a bit on the depressing/self-pitying side!  Not sure what happened, but this 2ww has been really knocking me sideways. Anyway, feeling much brighter today even though, as the title says, I'm finding it impossible to get away from other people's pregnancies!

I've been making an effort to meet more people who are in the 'same' situation as me - that is, expat women not working during the day, around my age (most women in this situation are much older). It's been going well.. a good turnout for a brunch I arranged yesterday. Except 3 of the 7 of us were pregnant!  I guess there're 2 sides to everything.. not having many friends locally makes it easier to cut myself off from the cycle of pregnancies and births back home, but that's pretty lonely. Making more friends here is great but, at my age, it's pretty likely that lots of other women I meet are likely to have or be starting families.

Anyway, I'm coping with it all better, for the timebeing at least! Really just wanted to post something less depressing! Still anxious about my remaining week wait but know I can't do anything about it, or the result, so trying to take the drama down a notch!


  1. Know how you feel - there is a pregnant lady in my office. Most of the time i'm happy to talk to her and let her know what I know about the city and stuff through my friends here, but today I wasn't in the mood (PMS!)

    It must be really difficult not working through the 2WW. I think, if it comes to it and I physically can, I'd like to work through it. Otherwise I think I would just be sitting googling things all day.

  2. The 2WW must be such an anxious time, I struggled with it even TTC naturally. I can imagine reactions to bumps would be heightened too (I feel extra crazy during treatment).

    If I am lucky enough to make 2WW on this cycle I have lots of (gentle) activities lined up and on line jobs to do...I might have to deactivate google! At the moment I'm surviving on UK TV series downloads and films etc.

  3. I'd definitely recommend working the 2ww if you can.. much less time for Googling!