Friday, 28 January 2011

Caribbean chocolate...

A non-fertility related post today... We're off on holiday tonight!  A bit of sea, sun, sand and non-baby making-timed fun is just what the doctor ordered.  And the title of this post? Well, that's the colour of spray tan I got talked into having yesterday...  Given that I am, by nature, the pastiest, palest girl in the world, I was a bit concerned (especially given the orange hue of the guy in the salon recommending it). After a few scary hours last night when I wasn't allowed to shower and seemed to be turning more orange by the moment, I finally washed it off at 11pm and all seemed OK. I certainly have more colour this morning than usual, which looks a little odd given the close to zero temperatures. But I'm hoping I'll blend right in with the other western tourists with their usual combo of pasty white and burnt red patches in no time at all!

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  1. Have a really lovely holiday and a good rest!