Monday, 16 May 2011

Getting used to the idea

Not much to report here as I'm still waiting for my 2nd beta blood test on Saturday. I'm feeling fine and my stomach problems are finally calming down, which confirms that they were due to my overactive nerves.  I don't think I feel any different... it's so hard not to 'imagine' symptoms. Things that I might be feeling if I'm not imagining them:

  • Feeling warmer.. yes, the weather is quite warm but I generally still feel cold when I'm indoors, particularly my feet. This last week I get hot much quicker than usual and my feet are staying warm :)
  • Feeling a bit more hungry... this could also be due to my stomach feeling better and getting my appetite back, so not sure about this one.
  • Still have bigger, sore breasts but this is probably down to the progesterone shots still. This has not been helped by getting 3 mosquito bits on my right nipple (can you believe that?!).. which I can't scratch. Have you ever tried scratching your nipples? Actually, not sure I want the answer to that one ;)
I gave in and did another HPT this morning. I just woke up thinking about it and thought 'why not?!'. Pretty sure the line is darker and it definitely appeared much more quickly than at the weekend, so happy with that.

Other news.. I told my Mum the news on Sunday night. I wasn't sure whether to tell her yet or not. I didn't want to get her hopes up in case things don't go according to plan. But I'd kept her up to date on our IVF cycle and felt that I couldn't lie at this stage, because she was pretty sure to ask about it. Also I decided that, if anything did happen, I probably wouldn't be able to keep that from her anyway, so she might as well enjoy the good news. I also thought telling her was in line with the positive attitude I'm trying to cultivate :)  She was very surprised when I told her (no fancy news-breaking here... just asked her if she was sitting down before I told her!). I did point out that, since we were doing IVF, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise, but apparently she had no idea how long the whole process took, so wasn't expecting news yet. Of course, she was happy!  This will be the 1st grandchild that she is able to have in her life (long story, for another day). 

Questions from Mum and my answers:
  • When's the due date? January 21st
  • Will we still be in Korea then? Yes... I hadn't told her exactly how long my Bloke's contract was.. actually, still not sure myself but at least 2 years! You can see my Mum's chain of thought here.. any chance we'll be back in the UK by then?! Sorry Mum!
  • Will we find out the gender? My Mum has always said she thinks people shouldn't find out the gender because it spoils the surprise. I've pointed out that, when you find out at the scan, it will be a surprise then instead! She didn't really say what she thought we should do. I've always imagined I would find out and I said this to her, but I've no idea of my Bloke's opinion. Personally, I think we can hold off on this decision for a little while!
She's agreed not to tell my siblings yet if she can avoid it. We'll see how that goes! She managed not to cry until we said goodbye and then I could hear her starting to crack... aah!


  1. Ha, not just one but three bits from mosquito, how annoying!

    Sweet conversation with your mom, enjoy this time.

  2. Awwww. I love the conversation you had with your Mom. And...for what it is worth...I've been on pregesterone supplements so many times from different cycles, I can tell the difference between progesterone symptoms and pregnancy symptoms (I think). I have the whole warm thing going on, too. I kept thinking something was wrong because I constantly feel like I have a low grade fever, which to me indicates an infection. But the nurse at my blood draw said the temperature spike lasts a couple weeks and is completely normal. Also, I'm wearing a jogging bra to bed (and everywhere) because the ladies have expanded so rapidly that this weekend I'll have to go shopping for some new, kinder and gentler "holders" for them. And...I'm super hungry...although I think that one could be more of a nervous thing, as I tend to be an emotional eater. I'm so excited for you! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, right through Saturday.

  3. I think it's good you told your mom. I also told my dad (he had to cry too) and my sister yesterday, even though hubby was against it. It's funny how we now start looking for symptoms isn't it (although of course we did it too during the 2WW)? I don't really have any, except that I almost fainted this morning when I got our toddler out of bed and started making him a bottle...

  4. Lovely that you told your mum... she must be so excited too :)) Symptoms can be so frustrating but so reassuring at the same time... look after yourself and keep your zen :) Love always xoxo

  5. Hooray for a darker, quicker line. Very promising!

  6. BUCHANON is spilling it with REID