Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Going back to move forwards

Thanks to those who read my last post - knowing I still have at least a couple of readers does encourage me to try and update more regularly. To answer some questions from one of those readers, here's the #2 plan...
After IVF #1, we had 4 frosties left in the freezer in a public hospital in China. My Bloke went back on a business trip and extended our 'freezer rental' until Spring 2014. At least, we think he did... One of the joys of the language barrier is never being 100% sure exactly what's going on! He also extended his work contract here in Seoul until Summer 2014. 
So, if we plan to try and use those frosties, we have a limited amount of time in which to do so. It's possible we could keep them in the freezer for longer. It's possible we could be in Asia for longer. But maybe not. And I'm only getting older... 
So later this month Baby B and I will be heading back to China for 3-4 weeks for an FET. My Bloke will be joining us for the beginning and end of the trip, assuming all goes to plan. And, as far as we're aware from the questions he asked on his last visit to the hospital, that plan is a natural FET, starting with tests on Day 2 of my cycle.
Of course, there are so many uncertainties about the type of FET, the timing, the medication, etc, etc, that we could turn up at the hospital and be sent away again. We may not even still have frosties safely chilling on ice. But turn up there we will.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Here we go again...

Well, I'm back. Back blogging after more than a year and with no expectation of anybody reading this after so long! But blogging always started as my sanity-saver... a way of getting all my feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears out of my head into a place where I could try and deal with them in a more manageable way & that's what I need again now.

I'll keep this post short, but if anyone is reading this, it probably won't surprise you to discover why I'm back. No, I'm not miraculously pregnant. But my Bloke and I are going for baby number 2. I won't say we're ready for number 2 - I'm not sure I ever would be. But, ready or not, here we come :)

More details to follow soon.