Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Things I've discovered this week

In no particular order:

  • Baby boy has hair! We could see it on our ultrasound which is amazing to me :)  He also likes sucking his toes - lovely!
  • I'm a bit anaemic - my haemoglobin levels came back a little low, so I'm on iron supplements for now. Maybe this explains why it takes me an age to walk up a flight of stairs!  
  • I'm emotionally unstable when hungry and/or tired and have a tendency to take it out on my Bloke :(  To be fair, this is not really a new thing... my Bloke has always said that I'm like a baby when I need food or sleep - nothing else matters until I'm satisfied!  Pregnancy has just made it 100 times worse! Sunday was spent eating and napping interspersed with periods of pestering my long-suffering man to bring me more food/complete tasks I'd set/be quiet so I could nap! But once fed and a bit less sleepy, I was back to my usual (?!) cheery self!
  • I seem to be looking bigger than my now 6 months (27 1/2 weeks)... yesterday my yoga teacher asked me how many WEEKS I had left! We both agreed that my bump has expanded significantly in the last week and I have felt it in the last couple of days - I have felt stretched and tight around the bottom of my bump and baby boy has been moving less which seems to correspond with growth spurts. This morning I feel more comfortable and baby boy is back to his usual breakfast acrobatics :)
  • I have started nesting early... this weekend I was seized by an uncontrollable desire to order a lot of baby stuff online. Partly this was prompted by a great sale on the JC Penney website (one of the few sites that ship internationally as standard) and partly by hormone insanity... 'I have to have that rug and I have to have it NOW' :)