Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OB appt tomorrow...

As the title says, my first non-fertility clinic appointment is tomorrow and I'm staying pretty calm. My symptoms are still coming and going - the morning nausea is a bit better, but I seem to be more tired this week. Napped on the sofa for 2 hours Monday afternoon and went to bed at 8pm last night after being out in the afternoon and missing out on a needed nap. Also felt sick all yesterday afternoon after a rather large cheese omelette for lunch (with extra bacon - please don't judge me!) - I think it was just too much cholesterol and grease for my stomach at the moment.

I still find the change in symptoms disconcerting but am hoping that my acupuncture is partly responsible for improving the nausea - after all, that's what I'm paying for!

My main concerns are now moving onto the issue of prenatal testing. Tomorrow (assuming all goes well) I will find out what kinds of testing my OB offers and we will need to make a decision about which tests, if any, we want. I've been doing some research about the different options, but still feel fairly in the dark about it all. This research inevitably leads on to speculation about what we would do in all possible outcome scenarios.

Part of me wants to know nothing at all.. to have no tests and go for the 'ignorance is bliss' approach. But realistically, that is not really me. Not having any tests would not make me stop worrying about this pregnancy. And I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be my Bloke's choice, though we haven't discussed it yet. I'm sure he would want to know if all is OK (or not). But I also worry about what he would want to do if things weren't OK and whether I would feel the same... but maybe I shouldn't post things like that when we haven't discussed it yet and I really have no idea.

Of course, the best outcome is to have the tests (some of them at least) and be told all is fine and we are low risk. But other outcomes are so possible and so scary. Of course, I am leaping ahead here. Maybe I should just focus on getting through tomorrow with good news and move on from there.


  1. one overwhelming step at a time ;) wishing you tons of wonderfulness for your ob appt. may they be kind, informative and take great care of two of you! hopefully they can also help you realize which direction you want to go on the testing issue.

  2. Thanks so much! I know I get ahead of myself...

  3. How exciting for you! I can't wait to hear how your first OB appointment goes. Mine is on Monday, and I already have been preparing ad nauseum...including studying prenatal testing. Great minds think alike!!!

  4. Thanks Princess! Hope all goes well for you on Monday x

  5. So sorry that I'm behind on reading/commenting... testing is such a difficult question but we ended up deciding that we would prefer to know but not do anything... just to prepare us. But this time round, I'm wondering about going with the ignorance is bliss approach. With you every step of the way. Love to you always xoxo