Monday, 6 June 2011

Going old school...

This morning I almost fainted on my way to the clinic for my daily progesterone shot. I have never fainted in my life and always wondered what it felt like, but now I'd be pretty happy not to find out! I was stuck at the back of a packed elevator on my way up to the 17th floor and feeling a bit nauseous, but that's par for the course these days. Then I started getting weird prickly feelings all over my body, followed by worsening nausea. I was pondering whether I'd need to get out of the elevator early to throw up or if I could make it a few more floors when my vision went a bit odd and I had to keep opening and closing my eyes. The fear of throwing up on the crowds around me and/or dropping to the floor made me push my way out on the 13th floor. Luckily there were chairs by the elevator and I put my head between my knees whilst a cold sweat passed over me.

After a few minutes I felt better and made my way up for my shot. I contemplated finding a Doctor to tell them about it, but remembered reading that dizziness/fainting are a relatively common pregnancy symptom, so decided against it. Just after I got home, my new pregnancy book arrived by courier and that said you should tell your Doc if you feel faint or dizzy! Oops!

I figure that if it happens again I'll tell someone. What do you think? I mean after all, swooning seemed to be a diagnostic tool to tell if women were pregnant in costume dramas so it must be pretty common... or was it wearing a corset whilst pregnant that caused that? To be honest, my trousers were a bit snug so maybe that contributed...


  1. What's the temperature like there? I sometimes get that when going from a very hot ourdoors into a very cold, air-conditioned place.

    I think it's best to mention it next time you go in, even if it's just to have piece of mind. If you're going in for a shot anyway it isn't out of your way to mention it to a doc. Better safe than sorry, right?

  2. How scary! I have been throwing up a bit but no dizziness. That sounds awful. I would say tell your doctor.

  3. Ugh, it's a really uncomfortable feeling just before when you realize you might pass out. I have heard of dizziness during pregnancy but no actual fainting. Hope it was a one time thing for you! But maybe it's good to mention to the doctor anyway.

    And yay for a heartbeat!

  4. I almost fainted a few times with my first pregnancy, always in crowded and a bit warm environments (waiting in line at the post office, standing in an overcrowded bus). And with both pregnancies it sometimes happens when I'm doing stuff in the morning (getting my toddler out of bed, making him a bottle, making breakfast) on an empty stomach. I used to have this a lot until I think my mid-20s - I HAD to eat something before doing anything at all in the morning or I would pass out... (no, I was not anemic - but I think in pregnancy it might be iron related, but not sure). Also once fainted on a train in Holland when commuting to work - I can tell you, after having (almost) fainted a few times in public spaces: don't expect any help from bystanders. They will just ignore you (even with a big belly).

  5. Hi! I just discovered your blog via another blog. My husband and I are pursuing surrogacy in India-- so we too will be navigating IF in a foreign place:)Congratulations on your wonderful news! Looking forward to following your journey!


  6. Pregnancy brings so many weird and wonderful symptoms... might be worth mentioning to your doc but happening to me heaps during my first pregnancy and all was fine :) Love always xoxo

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  7. Thanks for all the comments and advice everyone.. it hasn't happened since so think it was probably lack of air in the lift!

  8. Thank you for your encouragement through this. I am a little saddened that I stopped getting comments and support in my posts since I got pregnant. I am still trying to absorb the change of support I have received. I really think although we get pregnant after IVF, we are still under loads of stress. Not sure what to think of it all..