Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hot flushes...

I have always loved the heat. We lived in Malaysia for 3 years and I loved every 35 degree day and 25 degree night of it. My Bloke and I's most common fight was over the air-con because I could always live without it, whereas he was melting away into a puddle in a corner. Coming to Shanghai and facing Winter again for the first time in several years, coupled with a lack of heating in most buildings, was not fun for me. Teaching class whilst wearing a coat, hat, scarf and gloves was not uncommon during Winter months. And many evenings have been spent watching TV at home under a duvet whilst wearing a woolly hat. Have you ever tried making a baby whilst taking off the minimum number of items of clothing? Hang on... maybe that's where we were going wrong...

The thought of moving to Seoul where the Winters are much harsher has been the least appealing thing about our new adventure, though I believe everywhere is much better heated which should soften the blow. In short, I have always said I was born in the wrong country and should have been born somewhere tropical.. until now, that is.

The Summer rains have hung around for a while this year and it's been a bit cooler than usual. Of course, I've been complaining about the storms and not being able to go out without getting wet feet. But no more! The rain has stopped, for today at least, and the sun is out. It's 35 degrees outside and I'm struggling. Our house is usually cool and we've rarely needed air-con. (Our central air vents also seem to have been inhabited by rats this Winter, so I am refusing to turn it on at all.) But now it's me melting. I can't get cool wherever I go. I'm sweating and getting little hot flushes every few minutes. I know this is a pregnancy symptom... my body temperature is higher and I guess I just can't adjust to the fickle weather as easily as in the past.

So, until this weather changes or we move to our new place in Seoul with clean air-con, I will be sitting around in indecently short shorts eating sorbet. Now there's an image for you!


  1. Rainy season started yesterday - and is on in earnest today - so now the temperature is quite bearable. You just get wet instead. Getting back from the clinic today was terrible, but I love the rain once I'm inside so I'm happy.

    The winters here are brutal - Christmas Day last year was unbelievable - but inside and on public transport/taxis it's usually well heated. Conversely, when it's 35 degrees outside it's freezing cold air-con in the summer.

    By the time you get here it'll be really hot and humid, which is probably the worst weather we get all year. Sorry to break that to you!

  2. Ahhh I need a holiday in the sun, it was to long ago! Not fun if you suffer from it though..

  3. It is the weather and the hormones together!

    I can live without an air-con and actually do. We have a cooler in the bedroom which I use only at night, and that has been off coz the temp fell after rainfall.

    Enjoy the new destination.

    P.S. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  4. My biggest memory of my fresh cycle is 'roasting' in the xmas heat. I can't do above 30, 25 with a breeze is perfect. I really feel for you now. It's miserable winter here but I know if it was summer I would be struggling!

  5. oh, living overseas is quite the adventure. I hope your move goes well! here from ICLW

  6. Poor you.
    I lived in Israel for a few years, and those winter months with no heating were BRU-TAL!!! So humid and cold, you get chilled to the bone... Although it's never all that cold if you look at the thermometer...

  7. this post gave me so many funny visuals! And yes..I do understand the whole not taking a lot of clothes off during sex. My husband get really hot during the deed( lol) so we keep the windows open. I am I have done some pretty strange and funky things to compromise! hahahha