Monday, 21 February 2011

Since when do fertility drugs make you feel 'perky'?!


I need to make this clear up front... I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan.. Huge! It makes me cry virtually every episode and I love it even more for that. And I'm not going to comment too much on how it has handled the Meredith/McDreamy baby-making storyline too much.. for one thing, it's been covered very well here.

But this week's episode.. seriously?!  Since when do fertility drugs make you feel 'perky'?! This was Meredith's observation at the beginning of the episode. I know that I've not been on too many different drugs yet (Gonal-F, estrogen, progesterone), but I don't recall any blog posts from girls saying how great they felt...

And then she gets all precious because Derek wants to give her a shot (I mean injection, not the natural kind of shot.. or was that just my dirty mind working overdrive?!) in the elevator, rather than a nice private on-call room.  She should try giving herself a shot in the stomach in a restroom at a big hotel, whilst wearing an evening gown and control pants that cover her entire torso, during a black tie event, whilst attempting to hold a conversation with 2 unknowing girlfriends standing outside the door.. THEN, she has permission to be moody. And I'm sure that's not the worst, most awkward injection-situation anyone's ever been in either.. All stories welcome!


  1. Ah...ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, in the same way your inside knowledge of the fertility world has made you say...'seriously?!...working in a hospital for 12 years has spoilt my enjoyment of medical dramas. So I don't know this story line but perhaps I'll have a look now you have got my attention.

    Perky? (I'm still getting to grips with American English...means feeling well and lively? Possibly ready for some action?) Towards the end of my Gonal F days I certainly felt 'fertile' for the first time. All those websites that tell you how should feel around ovulation..perky?...well, I never did until I took the Gonal F and I rather enjoyed it.

    I wasn't as brave as you though. I either avoided going out at all or went out late after my injection. Good effort!

  2. I know! I was really pissed about that as well. I get that the joke was that we were supposed to think they were going to have sex in the elevator, but seriously, for a shot just go behind a curtain or something!

    As to the perkiness, we don't know what she's taking, so it might just be some experimental drug which only doctors have access to!

  3. This post made me laugh and laugh. I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in forever, but I am pretty sure that the "perky effect" is another area where a television show didn't do enough research before addressing an issue. I don't know anyone who felt perky on any of the meds...except maybe the "Milk of Amnesia" that you get at the start of an egg retrieval...perky, then out like a light.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    @Kat.. you're right, they have trials for everything else in that show at the moment, so maybe Mer's on some special, secret happy fertility meds ;)

    @Princess... glad to hear that the anaesthesia is a pleasant sensation.. I've yet to experience that and I'm a bit nervous :0

    @LuckyMe.. sounds like you're the only one who 'enjoyed' the stimming drugs! I obviously wasn't on a high enough dose of Gonal-F! Looking forward to the IVF now :)

  5. Right....That is one of my favorite shows but I think I've decided I can't watch it anymore because of that storyline. I WISH I had the TV version of infertility. I don't know if I'll be able to stay away though.

  6. @Paige.. you've got more willpower than me if you can stay away ;)