Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Things I've discovered this week

In no particular order:

  • Baby boy has hair! We could see it on our ultrasound which is amazing to me :)  He also likes sucking his toes - lovely!
  • I'm a bit anaemic - my haemoglobin levels came back a little low, so I'm on iron supplements for now. Maybe this explains why it takes me an age to walk up a flight of stairs!  
  • I'm emotionally unstable when hungry and/or tired and have a tendency to take it out on my Bloke :(  To be fair, this is not really a new thing... my Bloke has always said that I'm like a baby when I need food or sleep - nothing else matters until I'm satisfied!  Pregnancy has just made it 100 times worse! Sunday was spent eating and napping interspersed with periods of pestering my long-suffering man to bring me more food/complete tasks I'd set/be quiet so I could nap! But once fed and a bit less sleepy, I was back to my usual (?!) cheery self!
  • I seem to be looking bigger than my now 6 months (27 1/2 weeks)... yesterday my yoga teacher asked me how many WEEKS I had left! We both agreed that my bump has expanded significantly in the last week and I have felt it in the last couple of days - I have felt stretched and tight around the bottom of my bump and baby boy has been moving less which seems to correspond with growth spurts. This morning I feel more comfortable and baby boy is back to his usual breakfast acrobatics :)
  • I have started nesting early... this weekend I was seized by an uncontrollable desire to order a lot of baby stuff online. Partly this was prompted by a great sale on the JC Penney website (one of the few sites that ship internationally as standard) and partly by hormone insanity... 'I have to have that rug and I have to have it NOW' :)


  1. I'm glad everything is going good! My belly has gotten so huge as of late too. I am starting to feel really really big.

  2. Great to read an update from you again. Glad everything is going well and baby boy is growing like he should!

  3. It sounds like everything is going great! It's so nice to see your good news.

  4. I'm so glad everything so going well for you. I have the opposite issue with my bump...everyone keeps saying "You can't be 28 weeks pregnant! You don't look pregnant at all." I certainly feel pregnant, so it is a bit frustrating, but I will try to remember that I am lucky not to be feeling too stretched yet. :) Thank you for the update. It is always so nice to hear how you are doing.

  5. Wow... amazing that you can see his hair :)) I got anaemic during my first pregnancy and felt so much better once I was on extra supplements :) Nesting is such a strong urge... enjoy the shopping - lots of fun xoxo

  6. I can just imagine how much fun your bloke will have with a tired, hungry baby and his tired, hungry mommy! He's had plenty of time to get ready and now it's finally going to happen. So happy for you both!

  7. haven't heard you for a while!
    I also went through a spurt
    everyone is commenting how all of a sudden i look really preggo
    i like it though :)

  8. thank you about my post. I appreciate it. Yes..we have been through so much. And today..I had to console a friend who got a bfn.It is really hard. I love your update. I have to say..I am the same way about food and sleep. My poor husband...he may be losing his patience a little..but as I grow..he is just a touch more loving. your baby is sucking his toes. When I read that..I looked down and gave my Alexander a little lecture not to suck his toes!:)