Monday, 8 July 2013

Here we go again...

Well, I'm back. Back blogging after more than a year and with no expectation of anybody reading this after so long! But blogging always started as my sanity-saver... a way of getting all my feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears out of my head into a place where I could try and deal with them in a more manageable way & that's what I need again now.

I'll keep this post short, but if anyone is reading this, it probably won't surprise you to discover why I'm back. No, I'm not miraculously pregnant. But my Bloke and I are going for baby number 2. I won't say we're ready for number 2 - I'm not sure I ever would be. But, ready or not, here we come :)

More details to follow soon.


  1. Welcome back - your blog does still pull up in my reader! Does this mean you were able to get your remaining frosties out of China to use or must you start from scratch? In any case, good luck of trying for #2! Hopefully #1 will get a sibling who will be a friend for life and not a nemesis. My #1 and #2 fight incessantly and it is driving me quite mad.

  2. Good for you! I'm glad you're back, and look forward to following your progress you try for #2.