Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Worst pregnancy brain (and worst wife) ever

So, if forgetting my Bloke's birthday yesterday wasn't bad enough, I managed to forget despite:

  • hearing the doorbell ring early (I was still asleep) & getting up in the morning to find a bottle of wine on the table (from my husband's driver) - then proceeding to ask my Bloke over email who woke me up ringing the bell and why is there a bottle of wine in the living room?
  • scrolling past my phone calendar reminder of his birthday to check where I was meeting a new friend later that day...
  • talking to him on the phone for 15 minutes and still not remembering...
I finally remembered at lunchtime and sent him a message.  

In my defence, my Bloke doesn't like to celebrate his birthday - he thinks greeting cards are a waste of money and paper (after 10 years together he has gradually come round to getting me a card, most years). We have also been in the midst of apartment/hospital/furniture-hunting chaos and my brain was fully occupied with finding us somewhere to live.

OK, there's really no excuse - he knew he probably wasn't getting a gift (he doesn't mind about this usually) but might have expected a 'Happy Birthday' at some point... what can I say? I'm the worst wife ever :(


  1. Oops! I hope he's not upset.

    I'm not pregnant, and neither is Mystery, yet we somehow managed to BOTH forget our 8th wedding anniversary last week. Doh!

  2. Oh dear, hope he's not too upset then if it's nothing he is into celebrating. Don't be too hard on yourself!